About Us

Seraphim Optronics is a long-standing provider of sophisticated electro-optic solutions for persistent surveillance.

Based on leading imaging, DSP and communication technologies, Seraphim capitalizes on over 20 years of close collaboration with military and para-military users.

As our name implies, Seraphim Optronics is your guardian angel for effective responses to covert intelligence, defence and security missions.

Seraphim persistent covert surveillance imaging & integrated systems are combat proven solutions for:
  • Force Protection
  • Border Protection (optimal for gap filling and remote locations)
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Forward Operating Base Protection
  • Securing Strategic Infrastructures (ports, nuclear sites, power plants, oil & gas pipelines)
Seraphim's systems are operational in Special Forces units, Border Protection Agencies and other elite military, para-military organizations worldwide
About Us