Elbit Systems Land&C4I division
Elbit Systems Land&C4I division is a world leading defense & HLS solutions provider. Elbit's systems are deployed worldwide and provide its customers a full turnkey solution.

TIR designed and manufactures the Thermal Imaging Radar which is an award-winning 360 degree camera solution combining a high-performance thermal camera with an intelligent geospatial platform that provides for a state-of-the-art observation and detection solution.

SensoGuard offers state-of-the-art seismic detection sensors which are integrated by Seraphim into the Guardian Sensor Kit. The Sensoguard team is comprised of HLS industry experts with proven R&D experience in security software and systems for military and civil needs.

DefenSoft offers analytical and planning tools, site modeling, analysis, and design services to perform optimal placement planning for fences, sensor towers, response units, cameras and radar locations for borders and critical sites. Planning is done by using a process of scientific and math analysis to produce low risk solutions that are presented to the security professional to examine and use.