Covert Surveillance System
ARIEL is a lightweight, modular, remotely-controlled target observation and acquisition system designed for combat multi-tasking. It provides superior portable day and night observation, by allowing quick deployment under variable field conditions.
ARIEL utilizes either built-in Video Motion Detection (VMD) or seismic sensors to detect movements (humans or vehicles), awaken the system and slave its camera to a detected target.  The sensors’ sensitivity can be easily adjusted by the user before or during the mission.
The system’s core building block is ROSS – Seraphim’s back-bone Remote Observation Surveillance System:
ROSS (ARIEL) main technical features and advantages include: 
  • Dual (day/ thermal) observation capability including VMD
  • Camouflage-friendly design
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Multiple communication support (WiFi, Cellular, Satellite)
  • Easily integrated with C4I Systems
  • Full synergy with a variety of sensors
  • TRL9
ARIEL can be covertly located, while aiming and stealthily investigating an area or object of interest without being noticed.  It communicates the real time situation picture by video via WiFi, cellular or satellite communication for a quick tactical response.


  • Design to be camouflage
  • Reconfigurable for both long and short operations, security and defence missions, and tactical maneuvering
  • Extended surveillance using “sleep mode” or external batteries
  • Operation via C4I center or Operational Control Unit (OCU)
  • Size, Weight & Power efficient- Extremely Size, Weight & Power (SWaP) efficient- withstands harsh operational environments, ideal for short and long duration missions.
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