Wake Up Radio Module

Remote Video Transmitter Unit

The Remote Video Transmitter (RVT) is a lightweight, ruggedized, "All in One" video router and transmitter that includes internal energy for 30 hours, and various communication options for tactical use. As a portable router, the RVT enchances the capabilities of the MUGI, Chameleon or any other video source, by enabling the tactical forces to take the C2 station with them anywhere they go, with no need for external power source. As a transmitter, the RVT can be connected to any video source enchancing its capabilities by making it a totally wireless device. Furthermore, the RVT has an internal Video Motion Detector (VMD) that can upgrade any common fixed camera into an intelligent wireless warning system.The RVT can become a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) controller for any video source that will be connected to it. The RVT has an internal Wi-Fi and cellular communication and an option to connect to a BGAN.   

The Remote Video Transmitter (RVT) is a lightweight, ruggedized, "All in One" video router and transmitter.
The WRM (Wake Up Radio Module) is an innovative product, which was designed and produced by Seraphim. The WRM is used to wake-up the MUGI
when it is in sleep mode, and thus achieve longer operation time of the MUGI system and electronic silence between times of operations.
The WRM, is a control radio link between the C&C unit and the MUGI system. The WRM uses addressable data packets with error checking, packet acknowledgements and retransmissions to achieve a reliable wireless data link. The "WRM transmitter" is part of the C&C unit.
The "WRM receiver" is a small separate unit connected to the MUGI Surveillance unit by a cable.
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