Man-Portable Radar-Integrated Surveillance system
GABRIEL is a man-portable, multi-sensor target observation and surveillance system based on Seraphim’s RAPHAEL for maximum persistent terrain dominance by both vehicle-mounted and dismounted personnel from a safe distance.
The system is specially designed for field conditions: it is carryable by backpack, quickly deployable, and easy to operate. In addition, unlike other systems, the entire process of calibrating GABRIEL’s electro-optics and RADAR with its tablet-displayed map takes a matter of minutes.  
GABRIEL is innovative in that it brings integrated electro-optics and RADAR capabilities to forces on the move. Radar detections and live video from GABRIEL are dispatched to a tablet via WiFi, cellular or cable communication.  This information is disseminated quickly for a rapid tactical response to emerging threats.



  • Provides the tactical echelon with RADAR capability
  • Wide area coverage for effective defence and intelligence
  • Man-portable and lightweight yet robust
  • HMI using known icons and symbology
  • No infrastructure required
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