Mini Unattended Ground Imager for Persistent Covert Surveillance

Mini Unattended Ground Imaging sensor - is a fully operational system built to supply the ground forces with a real-time persistent covert surveillance. Unlike UAV the MUGI can remain in the area of interest for months, performing intelligence gathering 24/7 from a hidden spot using its IR Imager or its CCD camera sending live video streams to the C4I center thus enabling the operator to get a full situational awareness.

The MUGI was specially designed to be camouflaged for quick deployment of the system in special operations, setting a technical ambush or an observation point in denied areas, where the system needs to remain disguised. The MUGI can be connected to other, small, UGS (Unattended Ground Sensors) creating a net of concealed sensors for missions such as breach sealing or gap filling in the border control or force protection. 

The MUGI is versatile system that
can perfectly match military, 
paramilitary, police and homeland
security missions.


  • 24/7 - Day (Color & NIR) & Night (Thermal) 
  • Moving Human recognition-  2500m day 1100 at night
  • Internal Pan & tilt with no external moving parts 
  • Long mission duration
  • Automatic Mode - Video Motion Detection
  • Remote Detection Mode - Can be externally activated by Sensor (seismic, acoustic) or Radar. 
  • Single Station controls multiple sensors
  • Real-time digital video & communication
  • Easily camouflaged -  no external motion, noise or reflection
  • Rapidly Deployed and easy to use
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