Stand-Off Radar-Integrated Surveillance Suite

RAPHAEL is a mast-mounted multi-sensor suite based on Seraphim’s ROSS (Remote Observation and Surveillance System) that creates an accurate situation picture enabling command and control centers to quickly and efficiently monitor vital installations and borders from a safe distance. 
Incorporating both electro-optics and RADAR, RAPHAEL enables high-precision stand-off area observation, detection, acquisition, and investigation for short and medium range performance by day and night. 
RAPHAEL’s design enables operational versatility, with features including a camouflage capability, solar panel power, and a variety of communication options. These features, in addition to its “no infrastructure” requirement, provide a highly cost-effective solution for border and critical infrastructure defence and security.

The RAPHAEL  is a powerful, combat-proven solution for border protection,  and perimeter defence designed specifically to support mission critical applications .


  • All-in-one stand-off system for same area coverage and persistent terrain dominance
  • 90° field of regard, up to 2km Real-time information dispatch to C4I   
  • No infrastructure required
  • Covert capability                                          
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