Remote Observation Surveillance System - The Next Generation in Unattended Imaging Sensors
The newest addition to Seraphim Optronics' suite of Unattended Ground Covert Imaging Surveillance solutions, ROSS is a technological breakthrough due to its compactness, energy efficiency, survivability and inclusion of today's most advanced communications systems.
The ROSS is a wireless All-in-one system providing full communication flexibility (onboard WiFi, Cellular, Wired, and Satellite-optional), remote controlled day&night surveillance, onboard VMD, GPS and Compass and is ideal for short and long duration missions, due to its outstanding Size Weight and Power (SWaP) performance.
The ROSS is an All-in-One lightweight (<10 lbs.) and compact (10.2” x 6.5”) unattended imaging day & night surveillance system, embodying years of engineering excellence and operational experience in the field of unattended surveillance.


  • Easily camouflaged- No external motion, noise or reflection.
  • Plug and play- Easy to use, intuitively operated.
  • Open architecture- Easily integrated with C4ISR various interfaces.
  • Internal pan&tilt- Field of regard 90º with no external moving parts.
  • Custom-fit rechargeable battery- Up to 58 hours at full mode operation or Up to 200 hours at sleep mode.
  • Range of onboard communication options- Integral WiFi, 4G,LTE(slot for SIM card), LAN for extrnal SATCOM.
  • Onboard real-time video- Processing & recording VMD, internal SD card.
  • Convenient platform- For integrated solutions to various operational requirements.
  • Size, Weight & Power efficient- Extremely Size, Weight & Power (SWaP) efficient- withstands harsh operationl environments, ideal for short and long duration missions.
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The ROSS is easily integrated with  external sensors-Radar, Seismic,  Acoustic etc.
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