Tactical Surveillance

With excellent SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) our systems allow the operator to quickly and covertly deploy and start viewing the target without the enemy knowing he’s being watched. time response to real time events.

Force Protection

In today’s operational environment force protection is one of the greatest challenges facing commanders. Our systems allow quick deployment and instantaneous operation in various operational environments – FOB protection, Urban warfare etc.

Border Protection

Seraphim’s solutions closes gaps in the border protection suite with no necessary infrastructure (wireless&Solar) and offers a wide array of turnkey solutions for your short & medium range surveillance requirements

Critical Infrastructure

Protect critical infrastructure such as gas\oil pipes and nuclear power plants using The ROSS and Raphael. Easy to use and deploy, covert and autonomous solutions give automatic threat detection at 24\7.


The ROSS is easily integrated with  external sensors-Radar, Seismic,  Acoustic etc.

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Seraphim offers a full range of solutions in the HLS and Military markets
Quick installation with no necessary  infrastructure for autonomous  control over terrain
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